3 Helpful ways FormTester 365 Has Your Back

Keeping your website optimized is an important element vital for generating leads 24/7/365. Optimization not only includes using relevant keywords and phrases to make your site visible to search, but it also means making sure internal and external links are functioning properly. Plus it makes sure your conversion forms are working flawlessly!

The software running on your website is constantly changing. Plugin updates can often interfere with forms, causing them to fail, effectively shutting down online lead generation.

Without testing, you run the risk of losing leads and potential revenue during any downtime. Not to mention the damage it can do to your reputation when a potential customer tries to convert, but can’t due to a technical problem.

The solution? FormTester 365!

What is FormTester 365?

FormTester 365 is a WordPress plugin. It automatically tests and checks your website forms daily. This means you no longer need to worry about losing leads, or disappointing customers due to a non-working form.

When FormTester 365 detects an issue, you’re immediately alerted so you can track down and fix the problem and resume business quickly.

How it Works

FormTester 365 integrates with the Gravity Forms plugin in WordPress. When you install the FormTester 365 plugin, it displays every page which contains a form. You can then choose which forms to monitor. Every form you choose is tested daily.

The service connects to your page, fills out the form and submits it. It then verifies the submission was received correctly. Each week you receive a report of successful submissions and if a problem is detected or submission is denied, you are immediately notified.

3 Helpful Features

FormTester 365’s features can keep your business generating leads 24/7. It’s a “set-it-and-forget-it” way to keep your web forms optimized and converting visitors. 

1. 100% Automated

FormTester 365 tests your web forms daily to ensure there are no submission issues due to coding changes or software updates. FormTester 365 automatically fills out every form you designate and submits it directly to your inbox. 

2. Instant Notification of Any Issues

If any issues are detected, FormTester 365 will immediately send you a notification and help you find and resolve the problem. While many elements in a website can affect your forms, FormTester 365 provides you with a list of possible issues so you can resolve the problem quickly. This means no more lost leads or upset customers. You’ll receive regular weekly reports of successful submissions.

3. Proven Results Reflected in Your Bottom Line

Online forms are one of the most productive methods of generating leads. With 80% of consumers expecting engagement within 24 hours of their first contact, ensuring your form submissions are working properly is vital to your business. With FormTester 365, your website forms are tested daily to ensure they’re running the way they should. This means more leads with less downtime; a result you’ll see in your bottom line! 

Want to experience FormTester 365 for yourself? Sign up for a free trial today!

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