How To Automatically Test Your Forms

If your website is the primary driver of leads for your business, it’s critically important it functions perfectly. This means keeping it updated and current with upgrades and patches, making sure that you have no broken links, and of course keeping your forms working and converting visitors!

The fact is, the software running on your website is constantly changing and updating. Oftentimes, plugin or software updates can suddenly interfere or conflict with previously working forms causing them to fail, be inconsistent, or unstable for visitors. If this is a first-time visit to your site and your forms aren’t working properly, you can lose out on business. Many times if there is a problem your visitor will click off of your site, never to return, or worse, click to your competitor and give them their business!

FormTester 365 is a WordPress plugin that helps solve the problem of broken forms, keeping your website generating leads 24/7/365! FormTester 365 is designed to quickly and automatically test every form on your website, every day, and then notify you immediately if there’s a problem.

How FormTester 365 Works

FormTester is a service that integrates with the Gravity Forms plugin which is available in WordPress. When you install FormTester to your website, it shows you every page that contains a form. You can then pick and choose which forms you’d like to monitor throughout your website. 

Each form you choose is tested daily. FormTester connects to your page, fills out the form and automatically submits it. The service then verifies the submission was correctly received, using Gravity Forms API information. If there were no problems, you receive a weekly report of all successful submissions. If there are any problems, you are notified immediately directly to your inbox so you can troubleshoot and correct any problems, and quickly resume business.

The Benefits of an Automated Form Tester

Automating your form testing can save you time on manual testing, and can ensure your website is functioning properly. For many businesses, online marketing offers the ability to be generating qualified leads 24/7/365. In fact, website conversion requires reliable forms and fast response times. If a potential visitor fills out a form for additional information and you take too long to respond their business can be lost forever. 

Automated testing discovers if critical functions work, confirms if the software works from the user’s perspective, and notifies you immediately when there’s a problem to avoid the classic complaint, “that shouldn’t have happened!”

With FormTester 365, testing benefits your website developer, your end-user, and ultimately your business!

FormTester 365 will always be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and Gravity Forms. You’ll always have the latest version available in your plugins area for as long as you subscribe!

Ready to learn more? Stop by the FormTester 365 website and sign up for a free 14-day trial. There’s no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

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