How To Learn From The Covid-19 Pandemic

The radical transformation in how the global population lives during the Coronavirus pandemic has hugely impacted businesses across all sectors. While some businesses are seeing sales plummet, others have struggled to cope with increasing demand. One critical area where many companies have missed out big time is receiving and capturing leads. If your forms are broken, it means you’re missing out on crucial leads during this global pandemic.

Maximize Lead Conversion from Online Forms

No matter how good your lead generation strategy is, broken web forms can get in the way of your conversion. Losing prospects at the final hurdle due to intimidating or difficult to complete forms means 99% of your lead generation investment is going down the drain. This is an issue many businesses encounter time and again during this global pandemic. You can create campaigns which target the right audiences and craft pitches to convince them to take action but, in terms of real conversions, broken forms can destroy all your efforts.

FormTester365 Can Help

The software running your website is ever-changing and updating. Some plugin updates can unexpectedly interfere with your previously functioning forms, causing them to fail or not function correctly for your users. Without an automated form testing system, you won’t be able to tell when your forms are broken. As a result, you can lose out on revenue during the downtime.

FormTester 365 is a WordPress Plugin designed to automatically test website forms each day and alert you about any problems. With FormTester365, you no longer have to worry about losing crucial leads from broken forms. If the plugin detects any issue with your form processing, you’ll get instant alerts so you can fix the problem and resume business as usual.

FormTester 365 integrates with the Gravity Forms plugin, allowing you to see every page containing a form and choose which ones to monitor. Each and every form will be tested daily by remotely connecting to your page, filling out the form, and submitting it. The service will then verify whether the submission was received correctly. Every week, you’ll receive a report of successful submissions and anytime a submission fails, you are notified immediately

Proven Results

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, online forms remain the primary avenue for businesses to receive new leads. With 80% of consumers hoping to receive communication from you within 24 hours of contact, it’s important to ensure your form submissions are processed correctly. Try FormTester365 today to ensure you’re nor losing out on any leads.

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