Why You Need an Automated Form Tester Now

Your website is a lead generation tool, so it’s critical that your forms are working accurately. Any issues with forms can directly impact your company’s ability to generate leads and close sales.

You need a tool to remove the task and time spent manually testing your online forms. That’s where FormTester 365 comes in! We understand the frustration of missing out on leads and potential sales because of a broken form. With FormTester 365, you’ll have an automated solution to make sure your forms are working properly 24/7/365!

Don’t Miss Another Lead or Sale

Your website is a critical component in your business’s marketing and sales funnel. When potential customers visit your website and engage with your content, you may generate enough interest to convert them. 

When potential customers enter their information into your online form, they expect to be contacted within 24 hours. If your forms are not working properly, and you’re not receiving your customers’ info, you can not only miss out on a potential lead or sale, you’re damaging your reputation and authority.

A broken form won’t notify you if it’s not working, nor will it forward you customer information when it’s entered. This can immediately impact your business causing lost opportunities and revenue. 

Why You Need an Automated Form Tester

Manually testing every form on your website is time-consuming. To be effective, you should regularly check your forms to ensure they are working properly. Upgrades, software patches, and other installations can create issues with forms. With FormTester 365, every form on your website is automatically tested once daily to check if it’s working.

How It Works

FormTester 365 integrates with the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin. When you install FormTester, it displays every page on your site that contains a form. You can then choose which forms you’d like to monitor and have automatically tested each day.

FormTester 365 connects to your page, fills out the forms and submits them daily. The service then verifies that the submission was received correctly. Every week, FormTester 365 creates a report of successful submissions. If a problem is ever detected, or a submission is denied, you are notified immediately of the problem before it impacts your business. 

Every form is a vital element of your business. With FormTester 365 you can stay on top of your website forms and keep them generating leads and sales 24/7/365. That means no more downtime, lost leads, or angry customers to worry about. 

With FormTester 365, checking your website is automatic, easy, and will free up your time to focus on growing your business. Contact us and start testing your website forms automatically today!

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